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Home Preparation

Home Learning at Angel Oak Academy

At Angel Oak Academy, we strongly believe in the importance of home-school partnership.

About 80% of a child’s time is spent outside of school (evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.). Therefore, it’s paramount that parents and carers understand how they can support their children with their learning at home.

In addition, parents and carers can also ensure that children use the following websites. Our teachers use these websites in some of their lessons and children have been given logins to access them.

Ensuring that children use the right login details will enable teachers to ‘track’ what children are working on and, if necessary, provide them with some support/challenge in class.



(To know how to install Lexia on your PC/Laptop/Tablet, make sure you read the instructions carefully, click here. For iPad instructions, click here.)

Skoolbo(Make sure you install the App on your PC/laptop/Tablet before using)

oxford_owl_big(Children will receive their usernames and passwords very soon)

(Reading is about two things: decoding and comprehension. Decoding is about being able to sound words out. Comprehension is about understanding what the words mean. Please make sure you ask your child questions about what they read to ensure that they’re not just decoding the words.)


(After clicking on the J2 Launch logo, click on the London Grid for Learning logo to log on)


(Please, try to watch the news with your child. BBC Newsround is great for young children)

BBC Bitesize