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International Primary Curriculum

We use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for our pupils’ history, geography, computing, science, society, music, art and technology lessons. The IPC form part of the curriculum in years 1-6.

Why the IPC?     

We have carefully planned a two year programme of topics to make sure that we have full coverage of the National Curriculum.

This is an “international” curriculum which is taught in English-speaking schools all over the world, as well as schools in England.

As well as providing your child with outstanding learning opportunities, the IPC teaches children to be “internationally minded” by developing an even greater understanding of the world around them.

The IPC supports our whole-school values of positivity, urgency, passion, aspiration and commitment.  

Personal values are explicitly taught through the IPC topics.

How is the IPC taught?   

There will usually be one topic taught per half term, sometimes a longer topic may last a whole term.  In the mornings, the children will continue to have maths and English lessons and the afternoons will be focused on the topics included in the IPC.

Before we start a new unit we will ask for the family’s help to find out what the children already know about the topic.  Usually this is home learning and this will be something that you can enjoy doing with your child  – like a family tree, dressing up or a piece of artwork.

When we introduce a new topic to the children we will organise a fun activity to help them to understand what we are learning about.  This could be anything from a school trip to something as simple as a picnic in the school grounds.  This is called the entry point and will help to get the children excited about their learning.

At the end of each topic we will reflect on what we have learned and sometimes we will invite parents and carers to join us to celebrate what the children have achieved. This will be called the “exit point”.

One of the things that makes the IPC different is that the children will have a whole week on one or two subjects, rather than having one lesson per week spread out over time.  This means that the children can really get into the subject and spend time focusing on just one subject like history, rather than having to wait a week until the next lesson.

Click the links below to access the overview at Hawkes Farm and link to the IPC website for further information.