Times of the School Day

The Hawkes Farm Academy school day is as follows:

Classroom doors open: 8.35am

Doors closed / Registers taken: 8.45am

Children are collected: 3:15pm

Any children arriving after 8.45am should go to the front office.



Registers are taken at 8.45am.  Whilst registers are being taken, children will be engaged in learning activities, such as spelling, grammar and reading or the practising of multiplication tables.  It is therefore important that children please get to school on time. Parents and carers of children arriving after 8.45am are required to take their child to the main school entrance and sign in via the Inverntry system.  Children arriving after 8.45am will receive a late mark in the school register.

Morning Lessons:

Morning lessons will generally focus on the teaching of English and mathematics.  More information on what these sessions might entail can be found via our Curriculum page.  

Break times:

Break times take place at 10.55am and last for fifteen minutes.  We currently have free fruit available for infant children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). Children in these year groups should not, therefore, need to bring in a snack from home. Children in all year groups are permitted to bring in a snack, should they wish to. However, please ensure that this is fruit based, or otherwise healthy. 

The children play games in our playgrounds, and when the weather is warm and fine, the field is made available.  At the end of break time, the children line up.  Class teachers come out to meet their classes on the playground and to escort them back in.

Break times are always supervised by a minimum of two members of teaching staff and support staff.


A team of dinner supervisors and teaching assistants supervise activities throughout the lunchtime.  Parents may express a preference that their child receives a balanced, hot meal or they may choose to send their child in with a packed lunch from home.  

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are able to receive a government funded hot meal daily.  This means that there will be no charge to parents and carers for school dinners in these year groups.  Parents and carers can, of course, still opt to provide their child with a packed lunch from home.

Afternoon lessons:

For our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children, lunch time starts at 12pm and finishes at 12:50pm. For our Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children, lunch time starts at 12:20pm and finishes at 1:10pm.  The children are collected from the playground by their class teachers at the end of lunch. Afternoon lessons are generally more topic based and focused on the holistic learning of a wide variety of curricular areas, such as history, geography, art, RE etc.  PE and science activities will also often take place in the afternoon.


Our assemblies cover a wide range of activities and events to celebrate learning and achievements right across the school! Assemblies will generally last 20 minutes in length. During assemblies, some children will be supported with additional maths or reading interventions. 

In addition to the 'standard' assemblies, we will also have a wide variety of specialist assemblies, celebrating everything from music to sport!

End of the Day:

The school day ends at 3:15pm. Children are led out by their teachers who will wait until they make visual contact with a parent or authorised carer that they know and recognise before they hand over your child. Whilst this may take slightly longer, you can be assured that your child will never be released to anyone that we do not know is fully authorised to collect them. For this reason, the office team holds the information of people who regular collects. This is called our ‘Afternoon permissions.’ Please ensure that you have provided the office with this information, typically collected via the completion of a form on ParentMail. In the event that we need to dismiss to a person who is not on our system, please call the office to inform us of their name, and a password will be arranged, which will be used to verify this person’s identity at collection. Older siblings under 18 can collect children only at the discretion of the Head Teacher.  

No child below Year 5 may make their own way home. Should your child be in Year 5 or 6, and you want them to make their own way home, please provide us with this request in writing to the class teacher. All requests for children in Year 5 or 6 to walk home on their own will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be only granted at the discretion of the Head Teacher. There may be cases whereby, once we have reviewed the individual circumstances (distance home, number of main roads to cross, along with the maturity of the child) we may not grant this permission if we feel that it would be unsafe to do so. We will not permit any Year 5 or Year 6 child to go home unaccompanied unless we have received this information.