Years 1 – 6

Years 1-6

Hawkes Farm follows a curriculum which based on the content of the National Curriculum.  The content and expectations for each year group and each subject area can be found in the curriculum map section.

Year groups are categorised into what is known as Key Stages, with Year 1 and 2 being Key Stage 1 and Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 being Key Stage 2.  The National Curriculum for both key stages consists of the core subjects: mathematics, English, science and computing; and the foundation subjects; history, geography, design & technology, art and design, music and P.E. The East Sussex agreed syllabus is used for the teaching of religious education (R.E).

We follow Foundation Phonics as our phonics programme.  Children are taught in phases across the year groups and membership of these phases will change to reflect the progress of individuals.

The Success for All literacy strategy provides the foundation for our English curriculum, providing our pupils with a wide range of high quality books that they read from start to finish as part of our curriculum.

We have a strategy in place for the teaching of numeracy and are currently working to incorporate elements of the mastery approach to the teaching of maths.